Saturday, February 20, 2010

C. C. Filson Safari Cloth Shirt

Style No.052 Safari Cloth shirt

I have two of these in my closet, and they are my go-to shirts for fishing and back-country expeditions. Made of sturdy 6 oz. 2 ply x 2 ply cotton poplin, they iron up crisp, and stay looking presentable for several days of wear.
Extra large expandable chest pockets provide ample storage for all of the gear that you need to keep at hand- shades, smokes, cell phone, &etc.- and the buttoned flaps keep it all from falling into the drink while fishing or in the canoe.
Cut full with large arm holes and long tails for freedom of movement.
Filson advertises the Safari Cloth shirt as designed for "scorching temperatures," but mine get swapped for their Feather Cloth version when the mercury climbs above 90.
Sewing for the No.052 is now outsourced to Asia, so try before you buy to avoid freakish fit issues.

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